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Sweet, Intimate Wedding - Javier & Clair

Sometimes a small wedding is just perfect. The focus isn't on the wedding, it's on the bride & groom. They have carefully chose only their closest family and friends. The room is cozy and intimate, the couple is surrounded by people who love them and couldn't be happier. That was exactly how the wedding of Javier & Clair unfolded.

This marriage is 17 years in the making. Javier & Clair met in 1999 while Clair was still in high school. Javier took one look at Clair and KNEW this was the girl for him. Clair was concentrating on school at the time, determined to make her grandmother proud. Javier had graduated the year before so he offered to come and help her with her school work. Clever guy right? Javier's persistence paid off - he and Clair spent a lot of time together and became closer and closer.

They both began to work at Wendy's. Javier would boldly tell all his co-workers that he was going to marry Clair one day. He was a super romantic co-worker, even sending roses to Clair at work (be still my heart!!). All that kindness and affection paid off - Clair fell deeply in love with Javier.

Clair & Javier are members of House of Bread Church. It is a very small and simple church. But Javier's mom is Margie Ramirez - also known as wedding coordinator Marge in Charge. She transformed that little church into a dreamy and elegant wedding chapel! On August 14, 2016, Clair & Javier spoke own their vows to love, honor and obey one another for their rest of their lives. They quoted scripture, they tied the Cord of Three Strands (also known as God's Knot), they exchanged rings and sealed it all with a sweet kiss.

Could a romance novelist tell a sweeter story than this? I don't think so. This is such a beautiful love story. What an honor that I get to document this for them to cherish for the rest of their lives!! God Bless you Clair & Javier and your beautiful family!!!

Love note from Clair:

"I love the beautiful work you did. Thank you I can't wait to see all of them, but you were amazing"

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