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Shop & Sip Event!

I love my Shop & Sip nights. I dress a little nicer than usual, I try to come up with fun snacks & drinks and I prepare to visit with my customers!!

As I have told you, I am usually only open by appointment only. I love giving exclusive and private time to my clients. I want them to feel comfortable and pampered as they shop. However - a girls night out always sounds like fun. I love my husband. I enjoy his company. But girls - we all know a night out with the girls is the best! Can I get an amen from my sisters????

That is why I came up with the Shop & Sip events. It's a time to get away, have a drink, visit, shop and relax. And maybe giggle a bit. Remember - my Boutique carries lingerie, bridal accessories, gifts, soaps ~ AND ~ I will be introducing my new Lavender care line. My Lavender care line features soaps, linen sprays, sachets and air care. Ok - air care sounds so nice. It's my Poopy-Poopy Spray! "Spritz before you go and no one has to know!" And get this - it's purse size! Come check it out! :)

As I have noted, my next event is this Thursday, August 25, 2016 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Hope to see you there!!

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