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Bridal Boudoir | Kalli

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that Boudoir is my ultra-favorite type of photo shoot. I don't believe there is any other photo shoot that makes a woman feel so beautiful, so feminine, so empowered. And a bridal photo shoot does that and more. I love creating soft, romantic portraits. I love picturing in my mind the groom's face when he receives this amazing gift. And most of all - I love watching the bride's face as I ask her about her fiancé.

Kalli's face is so beautiful. Her eyes are soulful and kind. And I can see how much she loves Travis. Her face just lights up when she speaks of him and their upcoming wedding!

She also has a playful side! Although we barely knew each other, we had lots of fun as we worked so hard to create GORGEOUS photos. I would love to share lots of photos with you but those are for "his eyes only"!!

So here is one. Wishing you and Travis a wonderful life!!

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