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The Club at Colony Creek Wedding | The Bowen Love Story

Scott & Ling's relationship began from two different sides of the world. But love doesn't know distance! Once they met there was no keeping them apart. It is easy to see why they are attracted to each other. Both are easy going, easy smiling, easy hugging kind of people!

They said their sweet vows at First United Methodist Church in front of all their family and friends and an iPhone which was streaming the ceremony live to the other side of the world where Ling's family watched with joy. The ceremony was officiated by Scott's long time friend and pastor which made it so special. Scott & Ling said "I Do" and then walked out the front of the church where they were met with a vibrant and beautiful rainbow in the sky. Only a unicorn could have made this moment more magical!

I loved the small amount of time I got to spend alone with Scott and Ling. It made me so happy to be witnessing their sweet interactions with one another. Scott is such a gentleman, helping Ling with her beautiful princess gown everywhere we went. And Ling is what I call a true lady, very kind and elegant. Their portrait shots would start with sweet love and then a minute later turn into deep belly laughs!

Their reception at The Club at Colony Creek was intimate and beautiful. Everyone was so genuinely happy for Scott & Ling. Light music was provided by Jake Truss which was perfect backdrop for conversation and catching up. The night ended with the bride and groom running through a Sparkler send off and riding off in a long black limousine.

I am so grateful I got to be a part of this sweet day. I am so happy that I got to know the Bowen family a little better. And most of all I am thankful that I make a living documenting beautiful love stories such as this one. I wish Scott and Ling a life of love.

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