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Wedding Chat With Sande - The Geode Cake

I have learned that the next big trend in Wedding cakes is the Geode cake. The What cake????? Geode. So I had to look that up - "Geodes are volcanic creations that look just like normal rocks until they're split open to reveal a sparkling crystal interior."

How cool does that sound? You know I love ANYTHING that sparkles. I am always amazed by all the wonderful things that God creates! Imagine an ugly rock from a volcano but on the inside are beautiful crystals. I have seen these Geode's incorporated into many things. I once remember seeing a lamp base that was a purple Geode. I thought it was so beautiful but the price range was way beyond what my budget could afford!

Well, I don't know what it would cost to do a Geode wedding cake but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too cheap either. This is a serious labor of love. Baker Rachel Teufel from Intricate Icings did this cake for an event and said this to Bored Panda - "This cake took about 16 hands-on hours to create with several more hours of planning involved prior to making the cake. The edible geode is made from a combination of granulated sugar and rock candy that was then crafted with multicolored modeling chocolate and designed within a fondant covered cake. Additional details were added with hand painting and gold leaf techniques” Wow!!!

Imagine if you had this cake at your event? All your guests would be wowed for sure! And if you do have this cake at your event - can you pleeese hire me to be your photographer????

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