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Houston Bridal Photo Shoot - Megan Walter-Wolfblood

Introducing Mrs. Jim Wolfblood!!

Megan Walter & Jim Wolfblood were married on Wednesday in downtown Houston, Texas in a small, intimate ceremony surrounded by their favorite people in the world.

I haven't know Megan for long. She was referred to me by her friend and co-worker who happens to be another one of my brides (thank you Natasha!). She called me and asked me if I could shoot her bridals and since I love to photograph a bride I happily said yes!! I always like to know my bride a little bit before I photograph them so I asked her to describe herself and her vision for the shoot. She said two things "fun and whimsical." Ok!! I can work with that!!

We met at beautiful Oyster Creek Park in Sugarland. Megan arrived looking stunning in her beautiful lace bridal gown by David's Bridal and Birdcage veil. It was a South Texas summer afternoon and all that implies - hot, humid with mosquitos. Add a alligator to the mix and BOOM - you have a South Texas summer photo shoot. I'm not kidding - we saw an actual alligator in the creek. Poor Megan - she was trying so hard to be a trooper in these balmy conditions. We were joined by her friend and maid of honor Lee who was such a good friend, using a towel to blot the sweat from our bride's forehead. Thank goodness for my assistant Vickie as well who was carrying cool bottled water to help keep Megan comfortable.

In spite of these conditions, we had a blast. Megan and Lee are both so fun and playful and were willing to do anything we asked them too. Did I mention that her bridal shoes were turquoise colored Converse tennis shoes? She said they were her "something blue." Fun and whimsy for sure!! We all sweated and worked hard and it was all completely worth it as we have bridal portraits that Megan LOVES.

I met Megan in Sugarland this past Monday to deliver her photos to her and she thanked me for the photos and told me I was now officially their family photographer. I will take that!!

Megan - I wish you and Jim a long, happy, prosperous and loving future! Thank you so much for choosing me!!!

"I am so pleased with my Bridal photos! They make me feel absolutely beautiful! Thank you again!!" - Megan

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