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My Disneyworld Vacation

I'm gonna try to keep this short. That will be hard to do because I just had the sweetest vacation ever. My son, his wife, my two precious granddaughters and I spent a week at Disneyworld in Orlando. I could rattle on and on about our adventures and fun. It was a memory filled time that I will cherish forever.

Personally it was hard to leave my business. Real hard. I had all these weddings to edit and I literally worked from sun up and most nights until at least 1:00 am trying to edit as much as I could before I left. I don't like leaving undone work. It took everything I had to leave my laptop behind. The whole time I was there, underneath my smiling face and full heart, was a little voice constantly reminding me of my undone work. I guess that's the draw back of working for yourself. My brides all assured me they were fine with me taking the break from editing but it wasn't completely fine with me.

But I did have the time of my life. It was a delightful time watching my girls experience this. And I'm not gonna lie - I was awestruck myself seeing the Disney Princesses. It took me straight back to my childhood!

I have to give a shout out to Monette Gardner who was our Disney Travel Agent. She planned our trip from sun up to sun down every day we were there to assure we covered everything. I would never suggest going to Disney without some direction. It's complicated to say the least!! Because of Monette we stayed at two incredible resorts - First at Disney's Polynesian Resort and then we moved to a villa at Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Both were incredible. In fact I skipped a day at Disney to just enjoy my stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge. She booked reservations for us at restaurants that are hard to get into to. She arranged all of our Fast Pass+ reservations. She answered my endless questions with incredible patience. She gave us lots and lots of tips. I am beyond grateful and highly recommend her!!

Life goes back to reality. I got home today and went into a vacation coma. I was exhausted. But I'm coming back to life. Thank you to my beautiful brides for giving me grace to take this time off. I'm ready to get back to the business I love so much!

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