I Can't Do It All

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to anyone that knows me but I'm a control freak. I like to think that I can handle everything that comes my way. I hate asking anyone for help and rarely ever do.

However, yesterday I felt so overwhelmed that I had to resist the urge to go sit in a corner and cry. My beautiful business is a blessing and I love it. I have worked so hard to build it into something I can be proud of. I'm so busy and that is amazing! But this business is not all I do. Among other things, I'm my husband's bookkeeper. I also pick up my grandkids after school every day and keep them until their parents get out of work. I am faithful to my church. And at the very back of my plate is my house. In May of 2015 I retired from my State job to do this business full time. Before I retired, I had a housekeeper. But on May 31, 2015, I let her go thinking that as a retired person I can clean my own house. Well....that hasn't worked out so well. Most days I'm lucky to just do surface cleaning. This week as I'm trying to keep up with my photo shoots, my boutique and my editing, my house was weighing heavily on my mind. Every where I looked was dusty and messy. It was truly giving me anxiety!