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Maternity Photo Shoot - Stayci & Chris

The recent rains have caused me to reschedule many photo shoots. The day I was scheduled to photograph Stayci & Chris was dark and rainy all day long. Our appointment was at 6:00 pm at Riverside Park. I knew there would be no way this was gonna happen. But we couldn't just reschedule. They had traveled for 4 hours from East Texas! I couldn't just say "let's try again next week". But thank God for my studio. All nice and dry.

I know doing a photo shoot inside my studio would not be as pretty as an outdoor shoot. Especially for a maternity photo shoot. But what could we do? We had no other choice. Stayci & Chris agreed. I had not met them prior to the shoot and when they walked in my first thought was "how cute are they!" I apologized for the weather and they were so gracious and kind. They said they knew we just had to go forth with what we are given! So we got to work.

The photo shoot was relaxed and fun. They never once acted as if they were disappointed we couldn't do an outdoor shoot. Stayci is quiet and sweet. Chris is loads of fun being silly when he thought he could get away with it. It all went better than I could have hoped. And they were happy. So was I.

Thank you so much Stayci & Chris. My lasting impression of the two of you is what a precious couple you are. Enjoy your sweet bundle of joy. Thank you for choosing me!

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