My daughter Desiree’s birthday was this past Monday. My family loves birthdays. We always do them big. Since her birthday fell on a weekday, I told Desiree I would come to Houston on the weekend and celebrate with her. I was so excited about getting away and spending time with my baby.

Early in the week I looked at Pinterest and found some really pretty cakes. I saved several cake photos and planned to go to Cimarron and ask them to make me a beautiful cake for my daughter. What a nice idea that was. I was on the couch late Thursday night when it hit me that I forgot to order the cake. Oh well. I figured I would find a great bakery in Houston.

I arrived in Houston Saturday morning and picked Desiree up. We decided to spend the day at City Centre. They were having their annual Doggy Party on the Plaza with vendors everywhere selling all kind of puppy things. Every