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Houston Boudoir Photo Shoot - Valentine's Day with Alexandra

Alex is one of my daughter’s dearest friends. She and Desiree graduated from college together. When she contacted me and told me she wanted to book a Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photo Session I was just thrilled. Alex is not only a knock-out but she is so much fun!

Like my Desiree, Alex lives in Houston. I thought it would be cool to switch it up and do the photo shoot there. My daughter Desiree is an interior designer and her bedroom is so sexy and beautiful. With the tall upholstered king size headboard, the mirrored side tables and benches and stools - it literally could be in a West Elm photo spread! And it was perfect for a Boudoir shoot. So I asked Desiree if we could use it for our photo shoot. And I also had to get her hubby Tony’s approval as well as we were going to have to kick him out for a few hours. Desiree was excited – Tony – well, he’s a good sport and agreed to let us take over his bedroom (thank you Tony!)

We planned this early in the morning and I had mimosas and snacks ready to go. Desiree had some great music playing. Alex came in looking fresh faced and excited. Alex was not too too nervous as she is a model who is no stranger to being in front of a camera. For her shoot she brought an oversized gray t-shirt, a beautiful bra panty set and her boyfriend’s favorite sport’s shirt. She and Desiree did some finishing touches on her make-up and we got to work. Girlfriend knew how to work it!! She could flip that hair around and pursed her lips perfectly. She is so stinkin’ gorgeous. Alex’s boyfriend is a personal trainer and her body is flawless. I was truly in photographer heaven!

I am obsessed with how Alex’s photos came out. We created an album for her boyfriend Stephen that she delivered to him this weekend. She reported to me that he loved it, can’t stop smiling and wants large photos blown up for his walls! I’m doing imaginary back flips on an imaginary merry-go-round!

This photo shoot was an absolute blast. Alex could switch from sexy to super silly in a heartbeat and we were all cracking up laughing. And I finally got the shot I’ve been dreaming of for years – my model in front of a full sized window. I never could do it in my upstairs bedroom because my windows were little. I’m also happy to report that my new studio has windows that I can now use for photos! So life is good. I love what I get to do.

Thank you Alex for being such a delightful, stunning model and a treasure to be around. And thank you for trusting me with this beautiful photo shoot. And most of all, thank you for being such a sweet friend to my daughter. I’m forever grateful.

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