Mrs. Bobbie Pullam Robinson - 85th Birthday Party

This birthday party was held the evening of the Paula Deen book signing event that I photographed. In Corpus Christi.

Mrs. Robinson is the mother-in-law of my dear friend and decorator, Cynthia Lewis. Mrs Robinson was turning 85 years old and Cynthia and her husband Michael wanted to give her a party to celebrate this awesome milestone. Cynthia had asked me to photograph this party months before so it was already on my calendar when asked to photograph Paula Deen.

I left the Paula Deen event at 3:30 and hightailed it to Corpus. I had to be at the party at 6:00. I was staying at a hotel on Shoreline Drive and wanted to get there first to unload and freshen up. My trip there was smooth and uneventful. Until I got to Shoreline Dr - it was completely closed down. Now I have to tell you something about me - I am directionally challenged. I can get lost and turned around in a split second. A GPS is my best friend when I'm traveling alone. But my GPS kept leading me to Shoreline - and it was closed! So I went down the parallel street which I think its Water St. And so is everyone else in Corpus so this street was very, very busy. Made me so stressed out. From Water street I saw the sign of my hotel. Yay! I found it! So at the next light, I took a left at a street that took me to the side of my hotel. Halfway down I saw a "WRONG WAY" sign. I was on a one way going the wrong way! I quickly looked in my rear view window because I had turned right in front of a cop. I figued he would be right behind me but he wasn't. I guess he had better things to do than follow that stressed out looking woman going down the wrong way. So I pulled in, unloaded and sat down for a minute to calm myself down before I headed to the party. Well guess what. The party is at