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Mrs. Bobbie Pullam Robinson - 85th Birthday Party

This birthday party was held the evening of the Paula Deen book signing event that I photographed. In Corpus Christi.

Mrs. Robinson is the mother-in-law of my dear friend and decorator, Cynthia Lewis. Mrs Robinson was turning 85 years old and Cynthia and her husband Michael wanted to give her a party to celebrate this awesome milestone. Cynthia had asked me to photograph this party months before so it was already on my calendar when asked to photograph Paula Deen.

I left the Paula Deen event at 3:30 and hightailed it to Corpus. I had to be at the party at 6:00. I was staying at a hotel on Shoreline Drive and wanted to get there first to unload and freshen up. My trip there was smooth and uneventful. Until I got to Shoreline Dr - it was completely closed down. Now I have to tell you something about me - I am directionally challenged. I can get lost and turned around in a split second. A GPS is my best friend when I'm traveling alone. But my GPS kept leading me to Shoreline - and it was closed! So I went down the parallel street which I think its Water St. And so is everyone else in Corpus so this street was very, very busy. Made me so stressed out. From Water street I saw the sign of my hotel. Yay! I found it! So at the next light, I took a left at a street that took me to the side of my hotel. Halfway down I saw a "WRONG WAY" sign. I was on a one way going the wrong way! I quickly looked in my rear view window because I had turned right in front of a cop. I figued he would be right behind me but he wasn't. I guess he had better things to do than follow that stressed out looking woman going down the wrong way. So I pulled in, unloaded and sat down for a minute to calm myself down before I headed to the party. Well guess what. The party is at Joe's Crab Shack on Shoreline Dr. And now it's dark. So another thing you may not know about me is that I have night blindness when I drive. Ugh. Let me shorten this long story by telling you I went down two more (yes 2!) one ways the WRONG way before I got to the restaurant. I was late and stressed out when I finally got there. I wanted to stop at the bar and ask for a shot of tequila. I was like Carrie Underwood's song - I don't smoke but I felt like a needed a long drag. I didn't do either, I put on a smile and headed to the third floor where the party was being held.

My friend Cynthia was already there. She is so gracious and kind, giving me a smile, not at all upset that her friend/photographer was late. I got right to work photographing all the beautiful blue and silver decor. As usual, Cynthia had done a wonderful job decorating for this party. I was so impressed.

The DJ was playing the best R&B songs, setting a relaxed, fun mood. Mrs. Robinson made her entrance looking so happy and beautiful in her formal gray dress. Stunning! And her cute husband in a white suit and hat broke into a dance immediately.

Everyone ate wonderful food, lots of sweet stories were told by people who loved her and her children and grandchildren all honored her with fresh flowers. A good time was had by all. Her husband announced that this had been one of the best nights of his life.

Thank you Cynthia for always choosing me to capture your beautiful, fun events. Thank you most of all for the margarita you bought for me at the end of the night. Because I still had to find my way back to my hotel. And yes - I went the wrong way on the one way to get to it.


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