2015 - My best year yet

Looking back at 2015. It has truly been a great year for me, both personally and professionally. My daughter married the love of her life. I retired from my job with the State of Texas after 27 years. I get to babysit my grandkids every day. My business has grown by leaps and bounds. Made lots of new friends. Opened a new studio.

Just reading that almost overwhelmes me. It's hard to believe so much good happened in one year. 2015 did have it's lows as well. My son has suffered from a painful autoimmune disease most of this year and my daughter's dog Bentley died very suddenly over the Christmas holiday. As a mom, I don't care how many good things are going on around me - if my kids are hurting, then so am I.

But I am believing and declaring a complete healing over them both. 2016 is going to be the best year ever for my family.

I am truly gratef