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The Superhero Boudoir Series

HAPPY OCTOBER!! To me that truly feels like fall. I feel like now I can put up the fall wreath on my front door, start to burn my pumpkin smelling candles and have a Pumpkin Spice Latte (yum).

October also represents Halloween which is a time where children and adults alike take advantage of becoming someone who inspires them in some way. So I thought ~ what better time to launch a Superhero Boudoir Photo Series??

If you've read anything about me - my photography business began with an interest in Boudoir Photography. It was my first love and continues to be my very favorite photo shoot. I never imagined my photography businesss would expand to what it is now which includes brides and weddings. I truly believed I would be exclusively a Boudoir Photography Studio. All of the above makes me smile.

In my opinion, women are superheros every day. Women can multi-task. They love with all their hearts. They juggle work and family. They keep going even when they have the flu. I can go on and on and on of what women accomplish in one day. Women do it all, they do it well and they do it looking good!!

I urge all women to consider a Boudoir photo shoot. You don't have to worry about those few extra pounds! Believe me, I have never photographed a perfect woman. Every single woman I have photographed has something they don't like about themselves. All issues can be fixed by selecting the right attire and of course posing. My boudoir clients all start out feeling anxious and self conscious and end up feeling empowered and beautiful.

The Superhero shoot is ideal for all women. You are all champions and warriors. Contact me for a consultation. I promise you will feel relaxed, beloved and beautiful.

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