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Wedding Chat with Sande - Event DJ's - An Interview featuring DJ Versus

Hello! My topic today is on wedding and event DJ's! I personally love a DJ at weddings - they have the ability to provide a variety of music that will please all generations of guests. Almost every wedding I have photographed has had a DJ so I have observed a little bit of everything. They are all pretty different -

the DJ who talked too much, the DJ who didn't talk enough, the DJ who acted like a wedding coordinator, the DJ who was a wanna be comedian and the DJ who kept the party going. But all in all they each created a fun and festive mood for the party.

At my daughter Desi's wedding, we hired DJ Frankie C from Victoria and I cannot say enough good things about him. He was so professional in all aspects. A couple of weeks before the wedding, he and Desi sat down and created a play list for the cocktail hour, the dinner hour, the grand entrance, first dances, etc. He arrived early and was ready to go the minute that guests started to arrive. The music was exactly what he and Desi planned. His rapport was perfect - he talked enough yet not too much. The dance floor was full all night long. To me that meant that we had hired the perfect DJ!!

For this blog, I wanted to chat with a DJ to get the perspective from their point of view. I was curious what advice they would give to a bride and groom who are considering a DJ for their special day. So I went to one of the best in the biz - Joseph Vaughan, owner of Versus Productions from Austin, Texas. Please check out the bio on Joseph and DJ Versus at the end of my blog. Joseph himself is newlywed and he graciously agreed to be interviewed from the persepctive of both a DJ and a groom:

Me: Hi Joseph! Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed for my blog! My first question for you is this ~

Photographers never seem to have enough equipment. We always have a wish list on the equipment we want next. Do DJ's suffer from the same dilemma?

Joseph: Of course, every true DJ wants to constantly improve. Upgrading your song selection and equipment is a must!

Me: I think any profit we make goes into buying something new!!

As a DJ who has provided music for weddings, can you provide any hints for brides (and grooms!) that will help you both have a successful night?

Joseph: I know doing weddings are expensive and towards the end you are at your budget and want to start getting the lowest deals you can. Don't buy a $100 DJ unless it is someone you personally know will do a good job. There are so many bad DJs out there with cheap equipment and limited song selection. Spend a little more and pay for better quality.

Me: I think that same policy should apply to the wedding photographer as well!! Congratulations on your recent wedding! Can you give future brides and grooms some advice on selecting a DJ from the perspective of a groom?

Joseph: Find a DJ that either has a good MC or isn't afraid to talk on the microphone. You need someone that can be the life of the party for the older and younger guests.

Me: DJ's usually bring very high-tech amazing laser lights. At past weddings, I have asked the DJ to hold off on the laser lights during the first dances (i.e. bride & groom dances, bride & father, etc). As a photographer, I personally don't like the different colored lights on the bride & groom while they are dancing. All the DJ's I have asked have respectfully fulfilled my request. I have heard from other photographers who have had DJ's refuse to honor this. How to do feel about this as a DJ? Would it be insulting to you if I asked you to hold off on the light show during the special dances?

Joseph: I have no problem working with the photographer. I normally only do simple uplighting for the first few dances and rarely bring lasers unless requested because most people just want some nice dance floor lights and not a nightclub look. A DJ should always work with the photographer. You are there to help make the wedding the best as possible. What I do with my photographer is that I either dim the lights or brighten them so that we can capture the best possible image.

Me: Joseph, this has been awesome. Thank you so much for your time and expertise!! I'm sure your viewpoint will help anyone who is in need of a great DJ. Congratulations on all your accomplishments and I pray a blessing over your business and your beautiful family.

Joseph: Thank you dear. I appreciate everything.

Wasn't that good? I was so happy with all the information Joseph provided and I hope it helps anyone who considering a DJ for their next event.

I am truly grateful (and a bit giddy!) to Joseph for agreeing to be my very first interview! He has become well known in the Austin nightime music scene and I'm honored to have had this time with him!!! Be sure to check out his facebook page

About DJ Versus:

Photo Credit: Grease Man Photography

DJ Versus has quickly become known as “The People’s Champ,” due to his friendly demeanor and ability to play for any crowd. He recently won "Radio DJ

of the year" in the Austin Hip-Hop Awards for his support for the community on

on his radio station in Austin, Tx. He has a vested interest in his crowd and what they want to hear. He can spin hip-hop classics, top 40, hard-hitting dance, mainstream hip-hop, latin, and classic rock all in one night without ever losing the crowd. You won’t ever catch DJ Versus using a set playlist. He prides himself on originality and catering to the people. He is never too busy to say hello, shake your hand, or quickly walk in to the crowd to thank patrons for coming to see him.

If you’re looking for custom light shows, DJ Versus does not disappoint. He takes the time to research different lighting options and sync lights for any particular event. He can handle anything from simple par uplighting to small concert set-up with CO2 flare stacks and incredible laser shows.

Whether you need a DJ or Stage lighting, every gig is meticulously prepared for through careful discussion with his client. He takes the time to get to know the client and the crowd to deliver a tailored performance every time.

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