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Inspired by my own photos

Good Friday morning friends! I started my morning by looking through my photos to find one to use for inspiration today. I have this folder on my computer called "Spring Flowers" I took these pics a couple of years ago in my back yard. I had so many beautiful, blooming plants! I used to spend a lot of time in my back yard - I wanted it to be my sanctuary. Well - then my photography business started to grow. Between working a full time job and building a part time photo...graphy business, my back yard was lucky to be watered! Even now that I've left my full time job, I am so behind on EVERYTHING that my back yard still just gets a sprinkling about once a week. Well looking at these images today have truly inspired me. I am dedicating tomorrow to my yard. I will weed and rake and give it a whole lot of TLC.

These are the photos that inspired me to get outside and love up on my yard.

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