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What a blessing to live such a fanatic life! I have been so busy, you see I haven't updated my blog! I think I've finally finished editing the photos of my daughter and her fiance's 4 - YES FOUR - engagement photo shoots! That took awhile - it was a lot of pictures but of course I wanted them to the the finest - they were for my daugher after all! I'm so excited about her upcoming wedding!

I've had several photo shoots since then that have kept me so busy! One is a photo shoot of the lovely girl in this picture - Kaylie. I took her senior photos and I've never had more fun with a teen! She is not only so pretty but she is so funny! She, plus her mom, had us cracking up! Editing her photos were a breeze - she's flawless! She brought her boyfriend along and we even added him to some of the photos.

Next photo shoot was just for me actually - Timmy & I attended the Grand Opening of Faith Family Church - Baytown. Pastors Josh & Kara Joines were our youth pastors for several years here at Faith Family Church - Victoria - and they recently moved to Baytown to open their own church. I took my camera to the grand opening. It was awesome - over 600 people at their first service and over 50 salvations! We love Pastor Josh & Kara so much and are so proud of them. I fought back tears the whole time - I couldn't have been more proud if they were my own children! This was a great day and a great weekend for us. I had never been to Baytown - I was surprised at what a nice place it was!

My blog continues to be on my back burner. I am so busy editing pictures every day that I even wonder what I would say if I came here! I will strive to take more time to come here and keep updated. Stay tuned - my next blog will be about the Boudoir Party I hosted!!! :)

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