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End of Summer

Well, not really. September isn't much cooler than August. It's still hot as hades out there.

Summer has been super busy for me. I realize I haven't blogged since July! My blog is always on my mind - I have been wanting to do this but it has just been non-stop! I spent my birthday weekend with my daughter and her finance and we did 3 separate photo shoots in Houston. I had a blast, my daughter loved it, her finance tolerated it. I give him credit, he was a trooper. My daughter had prepared him in advance. 3 photo shoots with 3 outfit changes. Not many guys deal with that very well. And that wasn't the end of it. We actually had a 4th photo shoot a couple of weeks later - with a 4th outfit and their baby - their dog Bentley. Needless to say, I took hundreds of pictures and have been slowly editing those. I can't tell you how much fun it is to do photo shoots in Houston. The photo locations are endless!

Here is a picture of one of the shoots:


I was also thrilled to be asked to photograph Victoria Junior League's year book photos for the 3rd year in a row. That is a job I really enjoy. The young ladies are always beautiful and sweet. I always make a couple of new facebook friends from that shoot. Here is one the girls:


Isn't she gorgeous? Love those eyes! This shoot had a little bit of embarrasment for me - this photographer forgot her camera. How does a photographer forget her camera? Luckily my dear friend Lea is a Junior League member and I knew she was on her way, so I had her bring it to me. Did I mention this photo shoot was on a Monday? The photo shoot is held at their historic building downtown. I love those old buildings so much! The high ceilings and wood floors!

And then last night - had a blast with a senior! This young lady was the coolest kid - not only was she gorgeous - but she was sweet and funny as well! I think she gets it from her momma who had us in stitches! Here is my favorite shot from the day:


These were taken in downtown Victoria. I always hesitate to go downtown because I feel like it's been done so many times before. But downtown Victoria is really beautiful and you just can't beat it for a gorgeous backdrop. We also went to an old Victorian home that I have been given the liberty to use for my photos and a few in the park - in the dark. Yes, we had lost all light by the time we make it to the park. But we did get some great night time shots - one that was actually this young lady's favorite pic of the day!!! She also brought her boyfriend along and we snuck in some fun couple's shots. He was a nice guy as well.

September brings great things for me - the birthday of my granddaughter and my husband plus my very first Boudoir Party! Yes - 4 girls all in one day. That should be interesting huh? I can't wait!! I also have a very special Bridal photo shoot coming up in a secret location (shhhh).

Ok - I guess that's it. I'm just ready for the heat to be over. I love the fall season - cooler weather, orange colors, pumpkin spice candles. Hurry up Fall.


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