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Morenci Candles

I am soooo excited to announce that Sande's Studio is now selling the best smelling candles on the planet! These are Morenci candles and they are wonderful. A good friend of mine in town named Anna Longoria used to sell them and I used to buy them from her all the time, both for myself and for gifts. Then she stopped selling them and the only other place I found this candle was in Wimberley. They are long burning yet have a strong aroma that fills the whole room. My favorite is Sandalwood Vanilla which is described as "lush oriental woods softened with lightly roasted vanilla beans with the barest hint of almond."  


These candles are in an attaractive 12 oz glass jar.  The lid seals really well so don't get rid of it when the candle is done!  This candle melts evenly down the sides so you will be able to easily re-use this jar for other uses!  (Hint - if some wax is stuck to the bottom, put it in the freezer overnight.  The wax will pop right out leaving you a nice clean jar!)


Each costs only $13.95.  You should try - I am certain you will like!  Below is a list of the scents I have ordered so far and a description of the scent and the color.  Have a favorite scent you don't see below?  Morenci offers lots and lots and lots of scents, I bet I can find what you like! 

Scent and Color Descriptions:


ANTICIPATION: Spring leaves budding out, cool & breezy winds with a hint of crispness in the air. Undertones of fresh green foilage on a base of delicate fruit notes. Springtime is in the air! (Color - Blue Sky and Cloud White Crown)


BANANA NUT BREAD: Walnuts and very sweet ripe bananas baked in a rich cake bread dough, warm from the oven. (Color - Tan) BLESSINGS: A heavenly harmony of fresh creamy clean scents. Count your blessings! A great gift for any occassion. (Color - Pure White)


CANDLELIGHT AND SATIN: Candlelight and Satin Softly refined and beautiful, from an age of elegance comes this sophisticated melody of rain washed flowers and woods for that pure clean scent of fresh linen. (Color - White Satin)


CREME BRULEE: A delicious delicacy of rich cream, ground vanilla beans swirled with creamy caramel with a dash of spice baked into a custard and crowned with caramelized sugar. (Color - Creme with a Caramel Color Crown)


EUCALYPTUS MINT: leaves dryed and crushed with a dash of spearmint blended in. (Color - Pale Green Mist)


FLOWERING DOGWOOD: Soothing woody bouquet with soft peach, leafy greens and nuances of sweet orange. Middle notes are wild flowers of violets, forget-me-nots and briar roses on a bed of velvety mousse de chene and musk. (Color - Cream w/ Salmon Pink Crown)


FRANKINSCENSE & MYRRH: Enjoy this oriental blend of rich Asian spices of cardamom, anise, sandalwood , ginger and soft exotic musk. (Color - White)


FRANGIPANI: This tropical shrub has a thick sweet milky sap and showy, fragrant funnel shaped, variously colored flowers, also known temple tree.A unique fragrance of floral notes on a background of almond and vanilla with a something extra. The sweet milky sap is also used to make a creamy pastry filling, flavored with almonds and named after a French Marquis. (Color - Cream with a Golden Crown)


GOLDEN HONEY TEA: Nature's sweet honey is enriched with exotic jasmine, green tea leaves & a subtle hint of cream splashed with juicy notes of orange. (Color - Honey Tea)


HONEYSUCKLE: Sweet fragrant purple flowering honeysuckle vines blooming during the middle of summer. (Color - Plum)


HORSEFEATHERS: A thick warm buttery vanilla infused with a large dollop of soft calf skin leather makes this a horse lovers favorite! (Color - Dark Blonde Palomino)


IMAGINARY GIRLFRIEND: This ‘woman’ will be the most intelligent, sensitive, caring and beautiful creature you have ever seen. She will know what you want before you want it, so sensitive and caring she will know your every mood and how to make you happy, she will unquestioningly care for your every need and desire. No mood swings or PMS, shops only for food and drink, answers your every beck and call, never argumentative, thinks you are perfect in every way, never cries or makes demands, she works so you can stay home because...


YOU THE MAN! ;) A lovely soft but sexy, delicate and very feminine perfume with alluring sultry notes. (Color - Pretty in Pink)


INNOCENCE: An array of thousands of rich, soft fragrant blossoms with a touch of bright citrus warmed with amber woods and notes of Ylang-Ylang. "Beautiful" Perfume type. (Color - Soft Pink with a White Crown)


LILLIE BELL'S LILAC: A shrub belonging to the olive family with very large, fragrant clusters of blooming white or purple blossoms. A wonderful floral scent. (Color - Purple Mist)


MAGNOLIA MORNINGS: A southern magnolia tree with magnificant showy flowers emitting a wonderfully strong floral fragrance. (Color - Petal White)


MAN IN A JAR: No water needed! This is the best kind! Never argues, makes no demands, has no laundry, no cook or clean for him, doesn't drink or swear, doesn't flip channels with the clicker, never criticizes, always agreeable,stays at home only goes out if you PUT him out, smells great ALL the time and is easy to turn on and off (lol!)A woodsy masculine,fresh clean scent. (Color - Midnight Blue)


MINERAL SPA: An inviting fresh clean scent infused with a whisper of crispness enlivened by woody notes and the barest hint of healing minerals...Relaxing! (Color - Spa Green)


MULBERRY WINE: Fresh crushed ripe mulberries, very strong and fragrant. (Color - Mulberry)


MYSTIC LAVENDER: Pale bluish purple spike flowers,an old world fragrance from the mint family. A sweet floral blending of jasmine,orange blossoms, gardenia and lilac enhanced with lavender & undertone of cardamon. (Color - Lavender with Darker Crown)


NIGHT JASMINE: A fragrant flowering shrub or vine used in making perfumes and teas. The Jasmine flower is said to be helpful with depression and tension. (Color - Navy Blue)


PATCHOULI: A wonderful woodsy incense type fragrance from the 70's and 80's. (Color - New Color ( Sage)


PINK BUTTERFLIES: Back by popular demand. An unusual blending of lilies, ferns, and a hint of coconut milk makes this a truly sensory experience. A Must Try. (Color - Pretty in Pink)


POMEGRANATE: Tangy, sweet and, ripe, juicy pulp fruit & white seeds, sectioned in fruit chambers. When ripe bursts open from a red leathery rine. Referred to as a "Seedy Apple" in the long ago past. I remember sitting on the front porch of my Grandparents house, a pomegranate tree in the front yard. Some of my cousins and I couldn't wait until a ripe would burst. (Color - Red)


RAINDROPS: A fresh and creamy clean aroma during a April spring rain shower. Cleansing and refreshing, One of my favorites! (Color - Powder Blue)


RASPBERRIES SAGE & THYME: Fragrant crushed raspberries mingled with a zest of orange peel and aromatic sage set upon a foundation of herbal thyme and muguet. (Color - Pearl White with a Pale Violet Crown)


SANDALWOOD VANILLA: Lush oriental woods softened with lightly roasted vanilla beans with barest hint of almond. (Color - Desert Sand)


SNICKER DOODLES: Butter, sugar, vanilla blended together into your favorite Cookie dough, lightly baked, sprinkled with finely chopped nuts, dusted with cinnamon sugar and served warm....Mmmm! (Color - Shortening Bread)


SWEET PEA BLOSSOM: Refreshing Sweet Pea Blossoms with hints of jasmine, violet, and lily of the valley on a light background of vanilla musk. BATH AND BODY TYPE. (Color - Soft Yellow with a Bright Green Crown)


TUSCAN LEMON GRASS: A warm blending of rich Tuscan Lemon Grass, Verbena and Italian Spices make this scent a very enticing combination. A lovely and pungent fragrance. (Color - Pastel Green)


TWILIGHT MOON: A mysterious night blooming blossom a faint crystal green note warming into a clean-like scent. It vacillates between assuming a mineral and a cool skin form, while the prismed layers of honeyed sweetness undulate slowly over this odd, but fascinating scent. It never remains at rest, however, while the absolute remains on the skin, the radiant sparkle paired with the profound sensuality of the dark carnal base never ceases to mystify. Is said to be an aphrodisiac, possess powerful healing properties, used for anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory purposes, and to stimulate serenity, creativity and physic powers. (Color - Moonlight)


VANILLA KISS: Warm and relaxing fragrance of a luscious creamy smooth vanilla with a kiss of a secret ingredient. (Color - Ivory)


VETIVER & CHAMOMILE VETIVER: is said to be the "oil of tranquility", a rich woodsy earth, mysteriously satisfying aroma, very comforting and grounding with notes of Chamomile which is said to be soothing, calming and relaxing to the nerves. I have a client and her customers tell her "this smells like a clean good looking man just out of the shower". (Color - Ivory Blush)


WHITE BUTTERFLIES: A warm perfumed musk, with hints of exotic flowers, exquisite spices and precious woods. This is a very popular perfume. Another favorite! (Color - White)



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